Signal-Park Bay-Specific PGI System

Signal-Park Bay-Specific PGI System

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SIGNAL PARK – The real space counting and guidance concept from Switzerland

SIGNAL-PARK is the first system which DETECTS, COUNTS AND INDICATES spaces in a car-parking facility.

Drivers are informed of vacant spaces on each level, before they enter the car park.
The driver is directed to where there are vacant bays, simply by following the green lights.
In the parking aisles, green lights indicate vacant parking bays, red lights indicate filled bays, yellow LEDs indicate overstayers.Bay Sensors
Dundrum Town Centre – SIGNAL-PARK system-

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SP-2 SensorFlexSP2-114canalis_B_CORZone Sign

The new-generation SP2 system provides an equally effective space- specific PGI solution but at a more affordable cost. Sleek design, and multiple installation options, are the main feature of the latest version of this market-leading PGI system.

The SP2 system operates on low-power 48V supply thus enabling more efficient cabling and communications, leading to reduced installation costs.


The unique Signal-Park system enabled the operator to provide space-specific guidance for drivers to access specially reserved parking bays, e.g. Diasabled Parking Spaces.

Disabled Sign SampleFW V3.12


For the operator, software shows in real time complete details of the entire car park, levels and parking places. All movements are recorded and can be charted and analysed. Updated every 3 secs, a snapshot of car park use is available 24/7.

Parking revenues for the operator are increased by accurate count and efficient use of car park space. Screen displays tell the operator exactly how many spaces are available.


For the developer, reversing alleys can be drastically reduced, maximising the full potential of the space available for parking – right at the design stage!

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Signal-Park Technical Specs.

Signal-Park System Brochure (SP-2)

Signal-Park System Brochure

Technical Specs.

Signal-Park References list 2016-1970

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